CA Theatre Project CEO Interviewed on Charter Local Edition – Statewide Television

Now Showing…OUR Project!!

My Cherubs of the Theatre we are finally getting some HUGE media…Davenport has been interviewed about the theatre on Charter Local Edition with a viewership of of almost 6 million Statewide! The Youtube video is below please share it and give it a thumbs up so Charter knows this kind of this Grassroots movement matters in our fine city!

In support of our newly formed 501(c)3 Non-profit created to focus on Historic Restoration using Green LEED practices now targeting our strong desire to save the Historic California Theatre from demolition to make way for yet another glass box of high priced apartments.

Charter Communications is the company that provided me with the great honor of being featured on Charter Local Edition where only Government Officials were interviewed, our project was the VERY FIRST of it’s kind that is a Community based non-profit on this show.

Now my children be kind to you Phantom this is the first time I have ever been on Statewide television and this is no small show, so please share it and support it to let the City know we really care about saving this lovely old building and bring it back to the Arts & Entertainment community of the world! Try to be kind in your comments after all I set stages I don’t really perform on them I leave that to those who I will create this stage for.

We still need over 800 signatures on the petition so please share the link below, with the added signatures the petition will be sent to the San Diego City Council for consideration it can’t be considered until we reach over 2,500 signature the meeting is in March.

Ok so here is our debut on Statewide Television and the launch of the new website for the support of this beautiful Historic site and the project to save it!

The website is:

Now to Youtube and how to watch the show on the California Channels on every Cable Provider in the State!

Charter-Cox Local Edition with Davenport Preservation Group CEO Dawn Griffin

Davenport California Theatre interview on Charter Local Edition will be airing on the California Channel this coming week.  Charter Local Edition now airs Monday through Sunday at 7:30 AM and PM, as well as 8:00AM and 8:00PM.  Please see the attached schedule.

In Southern California – on Charter, the California Channel is broadcast on Channel 177.  On legacy Time Warner Cable, the California Channel broadcasts on Channel 229.  In Central California, on Charter, the California Channel is broadcast on Channel 90.  In Kern County, on legacy Bright House Networks, the California Channel airs on Channel 97.  In Sacramento, the California Channel is broadcast on Comcast Channel 108.   Through Cox Communications, the California Channel airs on Channel 3, 18 or 23.

Otherwise, for local listings, please check

Thank you for participating on Charter Local Edition.

With appreciation,

Brad Pomerance

Host, Charter Local Edition 

Del Heintz

Senior Director, State Government Affairs, West Region

Charter Communications


The long, long awaited updates!

Yes my night Cherubs I am the worst at blogging we all already know that BUT I am still on the job forwarding the cause to save this beautiful building and have made strides toward the goal!

Alright what have I been up to? Reconsidering our position. Opening up more ways for us to get noticed and being able to bring San Diego and he world the most extraordinary theatre experiences.

To facilitate a stronger position for financing the project I have created a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The new company is called Davenport Griffin Preservation Group Inc and the accompanying website will be

The process is ongoing many of you may know that obtaining a non-profit is a long expensive process that I have self funded. We now have a new board of directors and are being registered with the California State Board of Charities.

This new company opens up funding opportunities that we never could access before. It also allows corporations and individuals the chance to participate in donations on a larger scale as they can write their donations off on their taxes. We now qualify for Federal grants, bond programs, tax credits, discounted services and the availability for many products and services free of charge.

Now come with me lets see what else has happened since I came back to my beloved San Diego California!

Well I work for Charter Communications which is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. That alone is meaningless to our cause until I add the fact that they have graced me with a HUGE important platform for showcasing our project, a Television interview about the theatre!

How did this happen you ask? While watching a training on non-profit bookkeeping in the breakroom at work in walks Del J. Heintz the Senior Director of State Government Affairs for Charter Communications now this man is very high on the food chain in the company and me, well, not so much but when I tell you he was a nice as he could be, he was and is.

We started a conversation and he asked me what I did for the company and what I was doing. He was delighted to find out that I own a non-profit and told me we could help each other. He gave me his card and asked me to contact him in mid December (this was 2016) to discuss the company helping with the project. He spoke about providing funding and media opportunities.

Fast forward to our next meeting – he provided me the media opportunity to appear on Charter Local Edition on the California Channel whose viewership is almost 6 million! It is a show whose guests have always been top politicians not Community based campaigns like ours. Now they decided to launch a new series with our project as the first of its kind to be featured!!

Next week I will post the YouTube link that the project was featured on it was a 9 minute interview with 2 others to make up the 1/2 hr show, the show airs a week after that I will post that information too.

On that same day as the interview the Historic Resources Board voted NOT to remove the historic designation from the site!!

This throws a monkey wrench into the demolition of the site!

We still have City Council to deal with and another meeting but it is a positive step ahead! The new website goes live next week too!

Until then I remain your,


OUr reply from Civic San Diego…

My little Night Cherubs it seems that the press (especially when too unconcerned and too lazy to find out another side to the story) doesn’t know everything. I’m not going to say more than what is below but this is the response from my contact with Civic San Diego last week it speaks for itself.

Eli Sanchez requested that I make contact with you about the California Theatre and the current proposal under review. The Project application is being reviewed for completeness at this time and likely will not be before any review bodies until September. I have your contact information and you have been placed on an interested parties list. When the notice of application and other notices for meetings go out on this project I will make sure to notify you.


Lucy Contreras

Senior Planner, Planning Department

Civic San Diego

401 B Street, Suite 400

San Diego, CA  92101-4298



Enough said we have hope and a little time!. Please writer her if you too want your voice to be heard in support of the theatre project we have worked so hard to bring to fruition I hope you do!

Until we speak again in the Cyber Dark of our future Theatre I remain your…


Okay now let’s look at the City Council meeting and Civic San Diego – What matters to them and us…

The meeting finally happened and let me tell you what City Council says they care about and what they actually care about are two different things!

First Todd Gloria’s assistant Anthony Bernal and Community Project Director Steven Hill were both slated to attend the meeting only Anthony showed up. I met Steven while I was downstairs coming back from lunch when I asked him why he didn’t attend he said he thought “Anthony had it”. The look on his face was like a child being caught in a lie, priceless. So that’s 25 minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

The meeting only lasted 30 minutes, very interesting that although Anthony is running for Todd’s City Council seat the job seems only to hold his interest at voting time not while working with his proposed constituents unless they are rich. Why do I feel that way? Well I showed him the renderings and informed him of why there is a viable plan to save the building for 25 minutes (15 minutes into the meeting he told me I only had a few minutes left), I asked him his opinion, he said that he didn’t feel that adding another theatre to Downtown made sense as the others are not doing well.

So basically he seems to be much more in favor to tearing the building down than saving it as they allowed 2 years of conversation about the demolition permit and 30 minutes on the alternative. Needless to say he is no supporter nor would Todd ever get in touch with me since I am not a rich developer (just someone who has invested 150K of their own money and 7 years of their life to find a solution to a 20+ year issue they never bothered to address).

Once I was finished with that farce of a meeting I went to Civic San Diego and met with Eli Sanchez who heads up the planning department and I have spoken before and he knows that the plans for this project have the approval of Save Our Heritage unanimously in writing and he and Brad Richter also found the project appealing Eli stated at our presentation that “any city would be proud to have the new building in their neighborhood”.

Eli and I went over what has been going on and the reason that the owner is seeking a demo permit and he agreed to give my information to the team handling the permit request so that we can be heard and if they don’t get in touch with me in a week to contact him and he will rush them. That will be next week, we’ll see what happens.

Downtown San Diego are on-board to discuss the info as well. If this meeting takes place I will let you know the outcome. I have an email request into Former Mayor Jerry Sanders San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO, who when Mayor was always supportive to finally show him the plans and hopefully gain some support in the business community of Downtown San Diego. I’ll let you know if I get a reply or not.

Is there any great news? Perhaps. I just received a call from a realtor who has clients in NYC that may be interested in partnering with us to purchase the building and save the theatre. So why am I not jumping up and down? (I know you can’t see me but trust me I’m not) it’s because I have heard this a couple of times before. Mostly they want info but if this is legitimate then once we meet you will be the first ones to know. I hope they are more than just an inquirer because once the building is no longer in jeopardy we can raise the rest of the money needed to develop the project. Why do I believe this when the first round funding is an issue? That’s because the financial plan for the development is based on site based and International team based alternatives. I don’t want nor need an investor to provide more then 10% of the project budget requirements because they are interested in getting a return in their investment in less than 10 years which would needlessly incumber the operating budget and cause the plan to fail.

My little cherubs o’ the Night I will not rest until this issue is settled one way or the other so stay tuned we are nowhere near finished!

As always I remain your,


The Demolition of the California Theatre – Not on my watch – The article truth – What’s next…

Well my little ones here is where we are they want to try again to tear down the theatre but let’s review.

I spoke with the writer of the article in the Voice of San Diego and found he knew very little about the owner, theatre, project, and very little in general. He wrote the article on one point of view, doesn’t want the others, the “facts” in the article are speculative at best (the permit hasn’t been applied for, the timeline in the article is in his words “hopeful” {how odd} and he doesn’t believe that it will pass.

Now how on Earth can you write such nonsense and get it published is beyond me.

The Owners

The owners have done everything in their power to stop the building from being purchased because they only want to tear it down for the value of the land, and they have used it to secure another project they have in Los Angeles. They hid the listing on Zillow under land, The contract had so many stumbling blocks in it that nobody with any common, let alone legal, sense would sign it {things like a gag order not allowing the purchaser any due diligence you couldn’t speak with SOHO, the city, the historical society or anyone else with any information to gain insight into the building), when I requested access to the building the representative for the owners put a condition in the contract to have an 8.2 million dollar insurance policy for 24 hours of access that they would be the beneficiary for and also be held harmless (indemnified) against any accident of my contractors whom hold their own insurance for just that issue. They wouldn’t allow a nationally recognized Title Company (I demanded Stewart Title) they wanted some unknown entity in the desert somewhere whose entire funding for the year was equal to the deposit of 250K they demanded. Every time we found a compromise that would work while dealing with their attorney the rep stepped in and tore the contract apart. The City required they make good effort to sell the building this isn’t a good effort. None of the Real Estate agents that ever listed for them could make a deal, they couldn’t even negotiate the terms of the contract. How are we to present to an investor group without a contract that makes sense, answer we couldn’t and they knew it!

The City Council & Civic San Diego

How can the City entertain the destruction of the only historic theatre left in San Diego? Well City Hall and Civic San Diego both sit directly across the street from the California Theatre and they did nothing for over 20 years to find a viable solution to its condition or future. To me they should both be ashamed but neither is the case,

City Councilman Todd Gloria has become elusive at best his calendar I was told was too full to meet with me personally. Anthony Bernal who was requested by Todd’s scheduler to meet with me along with Stephen Hill haven’t answered the schedulers meeting request nor set the meeting even though the email request was sent to them on 4/22/15. Aren’t we Todd’s constituents? Didn’t we hire them? Whom do they serve themselves or us? Now don’t get this wrong I voted for Todd have spoken with him many times before on the issue and believed him to be for his people I still do. When I was Chair of the Redevelopment Committee in North Park I met with him before his first term and warned him not to forget the ones who put him there, but I suppose being termed out it doesn’t matter anymore {I hope I’m wrong}. I asked for assistance with the difficult owner and to partner with the City on a bond issue to support the restoration of the theater but all I got was asked if I had the money yet (Anthony Bernal) why are they here?

Civic San Diego can meet with the owners rep for 2 years on the plans to destroy it but they don’t have time to meet with me to save it? Even though they can see the building out of the window of their meeting rooms everyday. Although I do know that Civic San Diego has already seen our project ,I did the presentation to them a long time ago, and they wanted me to come up with an alternative to the rest of the block or they would not support saving the theatre, funny thing is they didn’t require the same from the owner…hummm. They can request the building be torn down and a condo/office tower built in its place but for me they wanted the whole block and even with that request I came back in 3 weeks with the most lovely tower (designed by Tucker Sadler Architects) worthy of being on the same block then they had no further conversation with me.

What’s next

Those who know me and those who don’t know that there is no way on Earth I am going to lay down and take this. The building project has grown into an International effort. There are members of the team from all over the world and in the US whom have dedicated years to the development of the plan to save this building and create a viable financially sustainable plan to bring it back to San Diego with pride and dignity not a another glass tower for the rich. San Diego doesn’t need or want another box in our skyline mainly vacant for years while losing a beautiful useful theatre we were once so very proud of.

I tried not to bring only International investors to San Diego to finance the project but it seems I have no choice. If you want to stay abreast of what is going to happen, support the cause, voice your opinion then log onto the website and there is a page for supporters and donors and those who want to state to those who don’t care that they do.

My little Night Cherubs it has been a long road many times a silent one and sometimes discouraging too, but I have faith and hope and even if I need to stand alone I will stand for my team and my project, my team has been in the shadows but loyal and faithful for years and I refuse to let their efforts go to ruin, my project has been 7 years of my money and time and I will do everything in my power to make it bear fruit!

I will not let this backdoor sneaky political deal with this building go unchallenged, and if you are with me take a stand with me and voice your opinion to those who who believe we and the building don’t matter…we both do. Write to the ones below and let your voice be heard please let me know what you say either on the blog or email me directly below now it the time to be heard!!

Davenports Email –

San Diego City Council President Sheri Lightner –

San Diego District 3 Representative Todd Gloria –

San Diego Development Department –

Civic San Diego attn: Eli Sanchez –

Until we meet again in the Cyber Darkness I remain


My Theatre Cherubs rejoice, I’m Home in San Diego!!!

My many Theatre Cherubs of the Dark,

As many of you know I have been relegated to the bowels of humanity…Tucson Arizona for the last 3 years slowing down our progress and speeding up anxiety but I escaped when the cage door was unguarded and I ran home to my beautiful city of San Diego!

The City has changed a lot in my absence but it bloomed in resplendent purple flowers upon my return, (yeah I know it does it every year but hey I’m claiming it as just for me!), New bus routes connecting the East County, many still vacant buildings, new faces in government, new funding and much more to learn but you know I will find out the new lay of the land. Oh and that little ratty club behind the theatre (formerly 4th & B) supposedly is opening again with a new techno sound or whatever no date or name so who really knows. North Park my neighborhood is now what they call a “hipster” neighborhood (whomsoever knows what on Earth that means please enlighten me!) and has more sushi places and silly clubs that it needs but hey it’s Cali.

When I got home you would think that the condition of the building couldn’t have gotten any worse but you know better already don’t you, of course you do. The windows are gone for the most part, the graffiti is all over the place and the pigeons and rats need to start paying rent or vacate the premises! (Yeah I know good luck with that!) Basically it is a royal mess…and the owner is still as stubborn on the price as if there is a gold mine under the place. No matter the price is small compared to the value to the city.

So far I have met with the new City Council woman Myrtle Cole and our City Councilman Todd Gloria I have a meeting with Myrtle tomorrow and Todd ASAP. There are bonds that will need to have a partnership with us and the City so I have to get the “buy-in” from them to find out the procedure. The video for the fundraiser will be complete this weekend and then comes the editing and posting for the face of the building.

Yes my dears there has been finally some better progress. I have been working with the team for almost 4 years and on the project for 7 years and the website is looking great (still a bit to do, if you haven’t visited it in a while check it out) all the main team members have links to their businesses on it and there is better information.

Getting the fundraiser done is a multi-step process but one I take on gladly the road is coming to a head. Those whom have been waiting for the start of our great project can rest assured that there is no turning back and I take no prisoners (that is unless they have big checkbooks)! I am excited again just to be home but saddened by the condition of my much loved building no worries though that too shall end.

Well the worlds worst blogger is signing off for now once the meeting with Ms. Cole is done I will be back in the fifth row center with you again.

My little ones our time has come!!

Until we meet again in the darken balcony, I remain your…


Our project has found our 501(c)(3) partner! Let’s talk…

Well you see as we reached the milestone my little cherubs of the night. The want me to tell you about it. Of course you do. And of course I will.


Over the last few years. It is taken longer than most people would ever expect to get to this stage, but get to it we did. A project like this being a for-profit project is limited to the funding that is available. The majority of funding, scholarships, grants and other sources of money are reserved for 501©(3) nonprofit organizations. So that leaves me a couple of choices, the first one would be to create my own 501©(3) that would take between nine months and a year not an option. The second would be to find an appropriate nonprofit partnership that would partner with us over a long period of time to open the doors of funding that were reserved solely for them for that they would receive a percentage of all the funds raised through any efforts that we have. Naturally, that is a better option, but who do you choose? Over the last three months I’ve gone through the process of trying to find just such a partner. Many have their own agendas, if they can’t control you or keep all the money for themselves they are not interested in partnering with anyone else. You would think that would not be the case. Any funding given to a nonprofit that they did not have to work for, should be considered a gift they don’t seem to think that way.


Continuing the search via LinkedIn. I found the perfect nonprofit partner that will work with our project over the long term. The Heartland organization has agreed to work with our organization and our fundraising efforts. Their programs over the years have focused on sustainability, home ownership for low and moderate income families, and the arts. The CEO Mark Hanson and I have come to an agreement that they will become our fiduciary partner in our fundraising efforts over the next few years. What does that mean to us? That means that the foundations, government grants and donations from sponsorship of corporate partners are now finally open to the California Theatre project.


In addition, over the last two months I have built the Sustainability Feasibility Project Study Team, this is a group of professionals in the arenas of energy creation, green, LEED® products & materials, and technologies. The team’s responsibility is to review all aspects of our Platinum LEED® project guidelines based on LEED® 2.2 certification guidelines which will soon change to Version 4 guidelines. The new guidelines make certification on Platinum LEED® project considerably more difficult than it was in Version 2.2. Working with SDG&E we are currently updating our project number which will also open the doors for funding Sustainability Feasibility Project Study Team, and associated administrative costs. Once the team study is complete, the California Center for Sustainable Energy has agreed to review all the findings, make suggestions for new products, and work with SDG&E to qualify for various forms of funding for the aspects of the project that they approve.

The team’s findings are required for the Department of Energy funding and project assistance and approval for various other types of government funding resources.


Needless to say, this is huge project requiring a lot more funding than even a 501©(3) partnership can provide, so the question in your minds may be why would this be my first choice and not investors. The goal of funding this project for me has always been to reduce the budget by first utilizing other funding resources prior to bringing in investor money. Bringing down the overall budget for the project by first utilizing grant money, foundation resources, and other funding sources open only to 501©(3)’s would be the first step, after which the tax credits available for the project site will be brought into play and sold, further reducing the overall budget for the entire project. Although it may seem like a small effort, it is in fact a very large part of the overall construction budget and acquisition of real estate and property for the entire project. As many of you may know, when I met with CCDC, they required not only the theater space be restored, but the rest of the block be renovated at the same time as the California Theatre project is completed. As such, I have worked with a San Diego architect to design a 42 story tower, which sits behind the theater building. As you can tell this product part of the project consists of the lion’s share of the project costs, and was not in my original plans to say the least. This requirement was brought on, at the request of City redevelopment management. That part of the project is not available for 501©(3) funding a message use is determined to be for arts, entertainment or other community activities. I have not yet determined its entire use. Once I do that fact may change.


Once the “free” sources of money have been applied to the whole budget, then the amount of investor involvement can be determined. The amount of investor involvement will also assist in selecting the amount of investors that will be involved in the project. My business attorney will accept no more than nine investor members in the project. This will allow him to manage an acceptable amount of investor involvement and also determine where these investors will come from. Many of you who are connected to me on LinkedIn have seen the variety of private wealth managers, senior banking staff and other banking officials that are connected to the profile. These are the first source of the investor pool. Although they are the first source their many investors in the arts, entertainment, community in San Diego that will be on hand for the media launch in August.


So what about the fundraiser. The fundraiser is scheduled for August 23-24, 2014, it will be the San Diego Festival of Arts and Architecture, their feelers out for the site selection, which will either be the campus of SDSU or Balboa Park, corporate sponsorships for the project can now be obtained through our 501©(3) partnership, along with a gift from the City of the permit for the event. The admission fees, vendor table fees, individual, corporate and government donations will all be a part of the fundraising efforts shared with our 501©(3) partner. The event will also be the media launch for the California Theatre project. Our media partners are already built into the profile we have on LinkedIn, which has currently 890 connections, all of which have been chosen for this specific talents or resources. The profile has not been used simply to garner numbers like Facebook. You may have noticed that I periodically have changes in the amount of connections on the profile. This is due to my review of the participants whom may have job changes that no longer fit with the requirements that suited them for connection in the first place. Thus they are deleted. Once the first fundraiser is done, it will pay for the investor meeting and dinner at the US Grant Hotel. You may also know, that the Sycuan tribe that owns the US Grant has been contacted to become the builder on the project as well. Once they have determined whether or not the project is one that they can complete with the staff. They currently have or will have my entire design and architecture team is complete.


I know this is been a long road my little night cherubs, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, finally. I know that many of you have grown weary over the last few years. Sometimes I have to admit I have as well, but I’ve been told by those that I trust and love that failure on this project is not an option, it is not. I am probably the world’s worst blogger I’d admit that too, but personally I find that people who blog every single solitary day have nothing to do. I have way too much to do to get this to the place where we can all benefit to sit in front of my computer and type you what my daily chores of been. Unless I get an administrative assistant, I don’t think that will change anytime soon.


Those of you whom would been with me over the years have done work that has been magnificent and will be shown in August at the media event and fundraiser. The second fundraiser at the US Grant will be to compensate you for the work you’ve done thus far. The acquisition of the real estate will be through many sources. Once the California Theatre project site has been acquired (which will be prior to involving investor funding), then we will have the funding to bring the teams from London, Texas, and other parts of the world to San Diego to begin to build the building plans that will be submitted to the planning committee in San Diego for approval and thus our project time will begin. The construction schedule for the project is between three and four years, we will be running three teams eight hours per day, 24 hours a day every day until its completion. This is not a union project. Although the unions require a certain amount of project jobs to belong to the union members. This is a private project, which will include many craftsmen and small businesses within San Diego and around the world. The unions will be responsible for fire suppression, steel construction, and concrete ones that is completed the unions work is finished. I know this isn’t a normal thing and I may get conflict on these points, but it doesn’t matter to me is very important to me. The small businesses and individual craftsmen and individuals are allowed to have a part of large projects within our city and thus will help our city to thrive.


Once the August fundraiser is set in stone. I’ll be sending out the flyers and other materials to a LinkedIn connections for their participation in their involvement in the festival. As some of you may know, the opera in San Diego is closing at the end of this year. This is a huge loss to the arts, entertainment, community in our city and another deep blow for students and teachers careers in our city. The reopening of the California Theatre will bring to life a new performance arts Academy, public atrium, live space stage and movie theater within our downtown C Street corridor. Aside from the 600 construction jobs that this project will bring to the city of San Diego for the 3 to 4 years of the construction project, there will also be 125 or more full-time jobs that will exist. Once the building is open. That is only pertaining to the California Theatre site. Depending on the use of the 42 story tower will also depend on how many full-time jobs. It will bring, as the building may be leased out to other businesses. I cannot determine how many businesses or community members will benefit from the construction of the tower.


This is been a longer road for me and more complex than I ever thought possible. But also, it has been extremely rewarding, the people I have met and worked with over the years have become family to me. That is why don’t include new members without speaking to the old. Musicians, artists, artisans, architects, designers construction workers, all play a part in what this building and set of buildings will be to the skyline and the city of San Diego. Many of the students that will be performing at the arts and architecture Festival, under normal circumstances would’ve left San Diego and gone to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City or other metropolitan cities around the country or leaving the country going to Europe to ply their trades and realize their dreams. My hope is that they will see San Diego is one of those cities. They gave them the opportunity to grow, dream, hope and realize that what they have to offer doesn’t have to be what other businesses assume and to be, they are more than that they are dreamers dancers, actors teachers, students and our future for San Diego arts, entertainment.


This construction for these two new buildings (one of course being old) is much more to me than concrete, steel and glass. Being the visionary for this project has been an exciting journey for me, meaning all of you along the way, has been extremely rewarding your input has been valuable to me, without you, I would’ve never gotten this far, I would’ve never understood all the aspects that are required to put together such a creative project like this one. Those of you were spoken to me know that I do not flatter I speak the truth. Going forward, there will be many times that we do not agree, nor see eye to eye, to me is the point of creativity.

Over the next few months I will have my head down with the logistics of what it takes to get the festival project done. Although this time as it progresses I will be updating you periodically to let you know where I am in the process. You do know better than to expect blogging all the time but I will give updates space periodically. Once the event is complete I will give you a tally of the funds that have been raised, and what the date will be for the investor dinner.


Well, space that’s all for now my little ones it’s back to work for me, and I assume for you too. When next we meet, they will be dancing in the streets for Arts and Architectural festival in San Diego!


Until then, I remain, Davenport