CA Theatre Project CEO Interviewed on Charter Local Edition – Statewide Television

Now Showing…OUR Project!!

My Cherubs of the Theatre we are finally getting some HUGE media…Davenport has been interviewed about the theatre on Charter Local Edition with a viewership of of almost 6 million Statewide! The Youtube video is below please share it and give it a thumbs up so Charter knows this kind of this Grassroots movement matters in our fine city!

In support of our newly formed 501(c)3 Non-profit created to focus on Historic Restoration using Green LEED practices now targeting our strong desire to save the Historic California Theatre from demolition to make way for yet another glass box of high priced apartments.

Charter Communications is the company that provided me with the great honor of being featured on Charter Local Edition where only Government Officials were interviewed, our project was the VERY FIRST of it’s kind that is a Community based non-profit on this show.

Now my children be kind to you Phantom this is the first time I have ever been on Statewide television and this is no small show, so please share it and support it to let the City know we really care about saving this lovely old building and bring it back to the Arts & Entertainment community of the world! Try to be kind in your comments after all I set stages I don’t really perform on them I leave that to those who I will create this stage for.

We still need over 800 signatures on the petition so please share the link below, with the added signatures the petition will be sent to the San Diego City Council for consideration it can’t be considered until we reach over 2,500 signature the meeting is in March.

Ok so here is our debut on Statewide Television and the launch of the new website for the support of this beautiful Historic site and the project to save it!

The website is:

Now to Youtube and how to watch the show on the California Channels on every Cable Provider in the State!

Charter-Cox Local Edition with Davenport Preservation Group CEO Dawn Griffin

Davenport California Theatre interview on Charter Local Edition will be airing on the California Channel this coming week.  Charter Local Edition now airs Monday through Sunday at 7:30 AM and PM, as well as 8:00AM and 8:00PM.  Please see the attached schedule.

In Southern California – on Charter, the California Channel is broadcast on Channel 177.  On legacy Time Warner Cable, the California Channel broadcasts on Channel 229.  In Central California, on Charter, the California Channel is broadcast on Channel 90.  In Kern County, on legacy Bright House Networks, the California Channel airs on Channel 97.  In Sacramento, the California Channel is broadcast on Comcast Channel 108.   Through Cox Communications, the California Channel airs on Channel 3, 18 or 23.

Otherwise, for local listings, please check

Thank you for participating on Charter Local Edition.

With appreciation,

Brad Pomerance

Host, Charter Local Edition 

Del Heintz

Senior Director, State Government Affairs, West Region

Charter Communications


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