OUr reply from Civic San Diego…

My little Night Cherubs it seems that the press (especially when too unconcerned and too lazy to find out another side to the story) doesn’t know everything. I’m not going to say more than what is below but this is the response from my contact with Civic San Diego last week it speaks for itself.

Eli Sanchez requested that I make contact with you about the California Theatre and the current proposal under review. The Project application is being reviewed for completeness at this time and likely will not be before any review bodies until September. I have your contact information and you have been placed on an interested parties list. When the notice of application and other notices for meetings go out on this project I will make sure to notify you.


Lucy Contreras

Senior Planner, Planning Department

Civic San Diego

401 B Street, Suite 400

San Diego, CA  92101-4298





Enough said we have hope and a little time!. Please writer her if you too want your voice to be heard in support of the theatre project we have worked so hard to bring to fruition I hope you do!

Until we speak again in the Cyber Dark of our future Theatre I remain your…



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