Okay now let’s look at the City Council meeting and Civic San Diego – What matters to them and us…

The meeting finally happened and let me tell you what City Council says they care about and what they actually care about are two different things!

First Todd Gloria’s assistant Anthony Bernal and Community Project Director Steven Hill were both slated to attend the meeting only Anthony showed up. I met Steven while I was downstairs coming back from lunch when I asked him why he didn’t attend he said he thought “Anthony had it”. The look on his face was like a child being caught in a lie, priceless. So that’s 25 minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

The meeting only lasted 30 minutes, very interesting that although Anthony is running for Todd’s City Council seat the job seems only to hold his interest at voting time not while working with his proposed constituents unless they are rich. Why do I feel that way? Well I showed him the renderings and informed him of why there is a viable plan to save the building for 25 minutes (15 minutes into the meeting he told me I only had a few minutes left), I asked him his opinion, he said that he didn’t feel that adding another theatre to Downtown made sense as the others are not doing well.

So basically he seems to be much more in favor to tearing the building down than saving it as they allowed 2 years of conversation about the demolition permit and 30 minutes on the alternative. Needless to say he is no supporter nor would Todd ever get in touch with me since I am not a rich developer (just someone who has invested 150K of their own money and 7 years of their life to find a solution to a 20+ year issue they never bothered to address).

Once I was finished with that farce of a meeting I went to Civic San Diego and met with Eli Sanchez who heads up the planning department and I have spoken before and he knows that the plans for this project have the approval of Save Our Heritage unanimously in writing and he and Brad Richter also found the project appealing Eli stated at our presentation that “any city would be proud to have the new building in their neighborhood”.

Eli and I went over what has been going on and the reason that the owner is seeking a demo permit and he agreed to give my information to the team handling the permit request so that we can be heard and if they don’t get in touch with me in a week to contact him and he will rush them. That will be next week, we’ll see what happens.

Downtown San Diego are on-board to discuss the info as well. If this meeting takes place I will let you know the outcome. I have an email request into Former Mayor Jerry Sanders San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO, who when Mayor was always supportive to finally show him the plans and hopefully gain some support in the business community of Downtown San Diego. I’ll let you know if I get a reply or not.

Is there any great news? Perhaps. I just received a call from a realtor who has clients in NYC that may be interested in partnering with us to purchase the building and save the theatre. So why am I not jumping up and down? (I know you can’t see me but trust me I’m not) it’s because I have heard this a couple of times before. Mostly they want info but if this is legitimate then once we meet you will be the first ones to know. I hope they are more than just an inquirer because once the building is no longer in jeopardy we can raise the rest of the money needed to develop the project. Why do I believe this when the first round funding is an issue? That’s because the financial plan for the development is based on site based and International team based alternatives. I don’t want nor need an investor to provide more then 10% of the project budget requirements because they are interested in getting a return in their investment in less than 10 years which would needlessly incumber the operating budget and cause the plan to fail.

My little cherubs o’ the Night I will not rest until this issue is settled one way or the other so stay tuned we are nowhere near finished!

As always I remain your,



2 thoughts on “Okay now let’s look at the City Council meeting and Civic San Diego – What matters to them and us…

  1. Dawn

    It sounds both gruelling and achievefrustrating after all the work and years you have put in to be at this point – we will keep our fingers crossed that your tireless efforts and plans are heard and that you will be able to achieve the regeneration of this building at last and bring it back to its true historical glory and in turn bring this unique centre for the arts and entertainment to this downtown area of San Diego.

    Will await to hear how you get on.



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