The Demolition of the California Theatre – Not on my watch – The article truth – What’s next…

Well my little ones here is where we are they want to try again to tear down the theatre but let’s review.

I spoke with the writer of the article in the Voice of San Diego and found he knew very little about the owner, theatre, project, and very little in general. He wrote the article on one point of view, doesn’t want the others, the “facts” in the article are speculative at best (the permit hasn’t been applied for, the timeline in the article is in his words “hopeful” {how odd} and he doesn’t believe that it will pass.

Now how on Earth can you write such nonsense and get it published is beyond me.

The Owners

The owners have done everything in their power to stop the building from being purchased because they only want to tear it down for the value of the land, and they have used it to secure another project they have in Los Angeles. They hid the listing on Zillow under land, The contract had so many stumbling blocks in it that nobody with any common, let alone legal, sense would sign it {things like a gag order not allowing the purchaser any due diligence you couldn’t speak with SOHO, the city, the historical society or anyone else with any information to gain insight into the building), when I requested access to the building the representative for the owners put a condition in the contract to have an 8.2 million dollar insurance policy for 24 hours of access that they would be the beneficiary for and also be held harmless (indemnified) against any accident of my contractors whom hold their own insurance for just that issue. They wouldn’t allow a nationally recognized Title Company (I demanded Stewart Title) they wanted some unknown entity in the desert somewhere whose entire funding for the year was equal to the deposit of 250K they demanded. Every time we found a compromise that would work while dealing with their attorney the rep stepped in and tore the contract apart. The City required they make good effort to sell the building this isn’t a good effort. None of the Real Estate agents that ever listed for them could make a deal, they couldn’t even negotiate the terms of the contract. How are we to present to an investor group without a contract that makes sense, answer we couldn’t and they knew it!

The City Council & Civic San Diego

How can the City entertain the destruction of the only historic theatre left in San Diego? Well City Hall and Civic San Diego both sit directly across the street from the California Theatre and they did nothing for over 20 years to find a viable solution to its condition or future. To me they should both be ashamed but neither is the case,

City Councilman Todd Gloria has become elusive at best his calendar I was told was too full to meet with me personally. Anthony Bernal who was requested by Todd’s scheduler to meet with me along with Stephen Hill haven’t answered the schedulers meeting request nor set the meeting even though the email request was sent to them on 4/22/15. Aren’t we Todd’s constituents? Didn’t we hire them? Whom do they serve themselves or us? Now don’t get this wrong I voted for Todd have spoken with him many times before on the issue and believed him to be for his people I still do. When I was Chair of the Redevelopment Committee in North Park I met with him before his first term and warned him not to forget the ones who put him there, but I suppose being termed out it doesn’t matter anymore {I hope I’m wrong}. I asked for assistance with the difficult owner and to partner with the City on a bond issue to support the restoration of the theater but all I got was asked if I had the money yet (Anthony Bernal) why are they here?

Civic San Diego can meet with the owners rep for 2 years on the plans to destroy it but they don’t have time to meet with me to save it? Even though they can see the building out of the window of their meeting rooms everyday. Although I do know that Civic San Diego has already seen our project ,I did the presentation to them a long time ago, and they wanted me to come up with an alternative to the rest of the block or they would not support saving the theatre, funny thing is they didn’t require the same from the owner…hummm. They can request the building be torn down and a condo/office tower built in its place but for me they wanted the whole block and even with that request I came back in 3 weeks with the most lovely tower (designed by Tucker Sadler Architects) worthy of being on the same block then they had no further conversation with me.

What’s next

Those who know me and those who don’t know that there is no way on Earth I am going to lay down and take this. The building project has grown into an International effort. There are members of the team from all over the world and in the US whom have dedicated years to the development of the plan to save this building and create a viable financially sustainable plan to bring it back to San Diego with pride and dignity not a another glass tower for the rich. San Diego doesn’t need or want another box in our skyline mainly vacant for years while losing a beautiful useful theatre we were once so very proud of.

I tried not to bring only International investors to San Diego to finance the project but it seems I have no choice. If you want to stay abreast of what is going to happen, support the cause, voice your opinion then log onto the website and there is a page for supporters and donors and those who want to state to those who don’t care that they do.

My little Night Cherubs it has been a long road many times a silent one and sometimes discouraging too, but I have faith and hope and even if I need to stand alone I will stand for my team and my project, my team has been in the shadows but loyal and faithful for years and I refuse to let their efforts go to ruin, my project has been 7 years of my money and time and I will do everything in my power to make it bear fruit!

I will not let this backdoor sneaky political deal with this building go unchallenged, and if you are with me take a stand with me and voice your opinion to those who who believe we and the building don’t matter…we both do. Write to the ones below and let your voice be heard please let me know what you say either on the blog or email me directly below now it the time to be heard!!

Davenports Email –

San Diego City Council President Sheri Lightner –

San Diego District 3 Representative Todd Gloria –

San Diego Development Department –

Civic San Diego attn: Eli Sanchez –

Until we meet again in the Cyber Darkness I remain



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