My Theatre Cherubs rejoice, I’m Home in San Diego!!!

My many Theatre Cherubs of the Dark,

As many of you know I have been relegated to the bowels of humanity…Tucson Arizona for the last 3 years slowing down our progress and speeding up anxiety but I escaped when the cage door was unguarded and I ran home to my beautiful city of San Diego!

The City has changed a lot in my absence but it bloomed in resplendent purple flowers upon my return, (yeah I know it does it every year but hey I’m claiming it as just for me!), New bus routes connecting the East County, many still vacant buildings, new faces in government, new funding and much more to learn but you know I will find out the new lay of the land. Oh and that little ratty club behind the theatre (formerly 4th & B) supposedly is opening again with a new techno sound or whatever no date or name so who really knows. North Park my neighborhood is now what they call a “hipster” neighborhood (whomsoever knows what on Earth that means please enlighten me!) and has more sushi places and silly clubs that it needs but hey it’s Cali.

When I got home you would think that the condition of the building couldn’t have gotten any worse but you know better already don’t you, of course you do. The windows are gone for the most part, the graffiti is all over the place and the pigeons and rats need to start paying rent or vacate the premises! (Yeah I know good luck with that!) Basically it is a royal mess…and the owner is still as stubborn on the price as if there is a gold mine under the place. No matter the price is small compared to the value to the city.

So far I have met with the new City Council woman Myrtle Cole and our City Councilman Todd Gloria I have a meeting with Myrtle tomorrow and Todd ASAP. There are bonds that will need to have a partnership with us and the City so I have to get the “buy-in” from them to find out the procedure. The video for the fundraiser will be complete this weekend and then comes the editing and posting for the face of the building.

Yes my dears there has been finally some better progress. I have been working with the team for almost 4 years and on the project for 7 years and the website is looking great (still a bit to do, if you haven’t visited it in a while check it out) all the main team members have links to their businesses on it and there is better information.

Getting the fundraiser done is a multi-step process but one I take on gladly the road is coming to a head. Those whom have been waiting for the start of our great project can rest assured that there is no turning back and I take no prisoners (that is unless they have big checkbooks)! I am excited again just to be home but saddened by the condition of my much loved building no worries though that too shall end.

Well the worlds worst blogger is signing off for now once the meeting with Ms. Cole is done I will be back in the fifth row center with you again.

My little ones our time has come!!

Until we meet again in the darken balcony, I remain your…



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