Second Wind…Restoration…On Track!

Okay we have all accepted long ago that I work too much to be an effective Blogger, social media poster, nor will you find pics of my kids birthday party all over FaceBook (as if anyone really gives a #%# what little Johnny got for his “big day” in the first place) so very little chatter on my end.


Although recently I have experienced someone in my life who works and plans in silence and does the same thing, and since it annoys the crap out of me I thought the best thing I could do is to make things right in my neck of the woods, would be to “talk” to you again and let you know what has been going on in my (for lack of a better term) absence.


So shall we start on a personal level?

Tucson is a miserable forsaken corner of Hades where nothing should live except lizards and cactus and I am still not sure about the lizards!! That being said I am more educated on Air Conditioning and know enough not to need to stay much longer. So allow me to be bold enough to be the first one to put it out in public and say, I am going back to San Diego very soon and will kiss the California ground when I arrive! In addition to that part of my celebration let me add that the forward motion on the project has not waited for my recovery in the least, but it did delay me while I caught my breath.

Now let’s get to the fun bit, the project!

Though the team Commercial Real Estate Agent, Milburn Stevens in Palm Desert CA, I have been introduced to a builder whose company is also involved in Solar Engineering. This gentlemen after a con-call with me on our Solar needs, found a manufacturer of Solar glass (not available in CA) in Hong Kong who is coming to CA to meet with me on including their product in the project. Now on the surface what does that matter it’s just another meeting and I have been having them over the years so what makes this unique?

On the International scope of this project (many of our team come from Europe and Asia) each country we add increases the reach into that country for investments and this company will need to add a plant in the US (there are none now) which gains the leverage in San Diego to have the new US plant there (a huge goal for the city & federal government) to provide the project and increase capital in the City. We are coordinating between 4 schedules to meet in the next couple of weeks in CA. The builder is also using the same Federal program we are to finance his next project, someone to watch go through it first.

After speaking with my Attorney, John Maalouf in NYC, we have sorted out how to approach to business & investment models, as his office can also be the legal liaison for the Federal funding program (team – if you want to know the program title let me know) that will be step II to the fund-raising. Yes that is the focus, and my only one.

Step I is the launch of the project data, what I mean by that is putting in public all the hard work we have put in over the last (for me soon to be) 7 years of dedication for many on the team it has been a little over 2 years. There are only 2 groups that I would need to meet with prior and that would be the Center for Sustainable Energy, and Clean Tech San Diego. the first one is only an update as I brought them in about 3 years ago and they have the manufacturers of new Green technology whom would be a great fit for the project and to be featured in a public project will offer deep discounts to participate. They also have a fantastic advisory team that educates the public on Green energy as well. Much of what I learned beyond SDSU came from them. Clean Tech San Diego was Former Mayor Sanders’ pet project, they know where all of the alternative energy funding programs are and their member list includes many of the San Diego Green investors. I don’t think I need to add much to that.

I don’t care who ends up as Mayor (there is going to be an election to replace the crazy one), or much else in the politics in the City now. Everything we needed we now have in place. The former Mayor (who loves the tenacity of the project over the years he was Mayor) is on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, the City Councilman I have known for 6 years, who also knows the project and supports it, is Acting Interim Mayor & one of his personal assistants is another supporter from the former City Councilwoman Donna Frye. You may recall she and I met many (for her I would guess) times and she was instrumental in directing my attention to the Theatre. The list goes on.

Now before my next vanishing act allow me to apologize to my dedicated (and very tolerant of my quirks) Design, Architectural, and craftsmen team for being so very silent. I do that when I work, personally I have always wondered when folks who post and chatter online all day, have time do work? Perhaps they just talk about it, not that type myself.

My job now is go get the funding, nothing else, it’s an everyday thing with me on whom to approach, when, how and more importantly how not on the project. We have been working for a long time and failure for me is not an option, I was told by a good friend that it never was an option for me. So since it’s not an option it’s back to work for me. I will be better on emails (very sorry Cleo about the last one) and once there is more to say I will do that too.

In the meantime aside from the meetings there is still some work, a new thing for the team is that we have a Master Carver in Chicago, John Wray, who hand draws renderings is making a set for us to include in the presentation. As he is also designing the bars (yes Design team he knows that he needs the nod from you this is just preliminary) he has some buy-in and he can’t wait to send them, when he does I will post them on our internal group for you to see.

I’ve gotten my second wind, have been restored (thanks to God and everyone including my enemies!), and am on track to succeed and bring to life what we have dreamed of all this time. Don’t dispair if you don’t see me all over the place I’m with you and won’t let your faith in this and in me be for nothing, failure is not an acceptable option so I won’t fail.

Gratefully Still Your



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