Home Sweet Home – My Visit – The Party – Why did I go…

My Little Theatre Cherubs,

Well let me just say that the Mayor (until Dec 3rd that is) Jerry Sanders has lost a lot of weight and looks great, we took our picture together as we do every year (2 this year because I missed the State of the City Address this years so I was one behind I suppose, and we spoke about the project.

He is still supportive and we will talk more when he gets back from Italy (a well earned vacation I would say) sending me his personal email address so that he can get his invitation to the press conference. Yes it is almost ready and I am finally doing it the team is prepping their statements as to why they agreed to work on this project and what they want to say about their companies.

Politically there were many at the event that I needed to contact again and if I do say so myself (and since this is my blog I do) it went as well as could be expected…even better, shall I continue? Of course I will.

The event was in essence a block party like no other. The donation benefited charity not the least the new library project which is headed up by Deborah Barrow who I met at the last State of the City Address and is also supportive of this project and has also become a good friend. She and I will meet again on my next trip to SD and naturally I will be updating you on this too. Her understanding of what it takes to operate a multi-million dollar project and how the politics operates in the City will help navigate where I have not been yet. She is also a great lady.

Another proponent of the project and a good friend for years is our new (not to the council just to the district) City Councilman Todd Gloria. Todd has been helping me with information and has opened his office resources to me for a long time. We met when I was Chairman of Redevelopment in North Park before he became City Councilman of District 3, he is now, as of Dec 3rd, going to be in charge of District 4 which is Downtown where the CA Theatre is. This is a huge deal for us because the former City Councilman for the area was never a part of the project nor did he know what was going on at all.Todd recently accepted my invitation to become a connection on LinkedIn which for me is wonderful now he can see the project and the fantastic team first hand!

I met with one of the gentlemen on the County Board of Supervisors and traded information with him when he shook my hand agreeing to attend the press conference as well, he said that he was proud of me for taking on this project and he is pleased that it will be done. The County Board of Supervisors is extremely important in the development of anything Downtown so this was a bonus for the trip.

One extra that I not only didn’t expect but could not have foreseen was meeting David Cohn, if you don’t know who he is let me enlighten you. The Cohn Group in San Diego is nothing short of restaurant Royalty. They own the fabulous Prado Restaurant, The Corvette Grill and 10 other of the best restaurants in San Diego. For the past 4 years there was no other restaurateur I would have rather met but never thought that I would. God is great! He is in his own words “an idea guy” he was almost as excited as I get discussing the project with me. He gave me his card and asked if we could continue our conversation further (if you have ever sought a business person for information or advice you know that getting their card is normally the goal of negotiating and you have to ask for it they don’t give it readily so you understand my joy when…) I received his personal card without even asking for it! Tomorrow the email to him goes out and hopefully soon we (you and I) will have a lot more to discuss about that. He and his family were very nice aside from being the top restaurant group they were pleasing to talk with.

There is another restaurant in San Diego that holds a lot of weight in the culinary world and has the highest of standards that one is Mister A’s and premier French restaurant. That night I also got the opportunity to meet the Chef de Cuisine and the General Manager of that venue. We spoke about food of course and about them doing events at the International restaurant in the new venue we are building. Perhaps one or both of these fine establishments would host events to fund raise for the project. You know I will find out and you know I will let you know.

I can’t describe to you how wonderful it was to be home again even for a little while I shopped, ate, and remembered the smell of (believe it or not) water! SD is home the project is there, and soon enough so will I be. Movement in this project is not always obvious but it is always there.

Until we see each other again in the dark my lovelies, I remain 5th row center your



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